21 Apr 2013

Diana Trinca is fundraising for Cancer Research UK

Diana Trinca is fundraising for Cancer Research UK

Please sponsor me and donate - £1 pound can make a difference - it all adds up in the end.
It's very easy, just follow this link: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/trinca  it will take you to my Cancer Research page.  Then simply press the 'donate' button.

Thank you for your support.

31 May 2012

Sketching on Location - St James'

This is the fa├žade of St James' Church in Muswell Hill, north London. It was completed in 1902, in Ancaster Stone and Bath Stone Dressings, to a perpendicular Gothic design by the architect Mr Adler.

I'm getting back into sketching on location at the moment; and enjoying the weather while it holds out.


It's not such a lonely activity as one may think as passersby tend to edge their way over with their heads inclined, often ask questions, and sometimes they sit and chat. Sketching on location is both a peaceful and gregarious activity.

So, come drizzle or shine,  I'm looking forward to honing my drawing/sketching skills this summer.

31 May 2011

The Tree

- I'm so sad, so sad I could die!
- You too! How come? Is it because you're old, and sad at the very thought that you'll die soon?
- Quiet the opposite: I welcome death, I do.
- Are you tired of life then?
- You bet I am! What other reason could there be? It's been a few centuries now, here I am rooted to the same spot of land, condemned to view the same old same old - that hilltop to the left, that flat stretch of land on the right, and that senseless, empty sea straight ahead of me. What have I done wrong to merit such punishment!
- Poor tree - I said - What do you need to be happy?
- To not be a tree! To be, for example, a human, like you. To be able to move, settle some place else, to see and learn new things - If only you knew when dusk falls around me, how I envy you.
During the pensive silence the Tree adds - But didn't you say you were also sad?